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NMSMC's Osteoporosis and Exercise - Shared screen with speaker view
Donna Cannon
For anyone entering late, I apologize for the miscommunication on the zoom link. I will be sending out the recording of Cathy's presentation so you can catch anything you may have missed. Please put any questions you may have here, and I will address them with Cathy at the end.
Florenceā€™s iPad
Sorry I have a conflict today, but would like to watch later. Thanks.
Kim Seaney
Love the saying "to fit to fracture"!!
Kim Seaney
How does a person go about finding a physical therapist that will be very knowledgeable like you are?
Kim Seaney
My mom lives in a different area so she needs to look for someone not in the area.
Mary Johnson
Thank you so much, Cathy! You have helped me and my family more than once!!!
Sharon Kemp
Thank you Cathy!
Kim Seaney
Thanks Cathy! Great presentation!!